CTE Research

CTE Research


Career Technical Education

Research supports the value of Career Technical Education (CTE) for high school students. CTE produces gains in academic achievement and earnings and represents a significant contribution to the education of America’s youth and adults in preparation of a skilled workforce.

Did you know?

  • CTE graduates are 10-15% more likely to be in the labor force
  • CTE graduates earn 8-9% more than graduates of academic programs

Regional Occupational Center/Program (ROC/P) Facts:

  • ROC/P students improve their high school grade point averages at a greater rate than comparison students.
  • ROC/P students enroll in post-secondary education in larger numbers.
  • ROC/P students have more success in securing raises and promotions on the job.
  • ROC/P students question the value and relevance of many of their high school courses.

2006-07 Accountability Research Study, UC Riverside
Dr. Doug Mitchell.