Map Your Future Center

Map Your Future Center

Map Your Future (MYF) is a collective of career pathways and college programs designed to provide students with resources to explore, identify and develop their academic and career pathways goals. We offer services for high school and college students interested in a college degree, certificate or transferring to a four-year college and we assist students with resume writing, preparing for interviews and job search.

Map Your Future is innovative, effective and accessible! We present our programs not only to high school and college students through class presentations and workshops but also at middle schools and adult education programs.

Some MYF Services:

Financial Aid, Transfer Center, Placement Testing, Disability Resource

Center, Counseling and more

The SUEÑA Program’s main goal is to provide Dreamer, AB540, First Generation College and underserved students with the necessary tools and information to succeed in pursuing a higher education and professional career. To achieve this, we function as a student support network.

For more information contact us at MYF@metroed.net or (408) 723-4290