Student Records/Transcripts

Student Records/Transcripts


Please call the District Registrar at (408) 723-6442 or via e-mail at DistrictRegistrar@metroed.net to obtain your student record or transcript.

Please provide the following information to assist us in locating your records:

  • Full name
  • Date of Birth
  • A daytime telephone number

The fee is $5.00.

Graduation Verification for Potential Employers and Recruiters

Potential employers and recruiters may contact MetroED to obtain a graduation verification letter. A valid release signed by the former MetroED student must be obtained before any verification letter will be granted.
No records will be provided without appropriate written authorization and signatures of either parent/guardian if the student is a minor (under 18). If the student is 18 or older, he/she must sign the request.

If you are unsure if you earned or attended MetroED for a High School Diploma or took the GED tests, please contact the District Registrar at (408) 723-6442, or via e-mail at DistrictRegistrar@metroed.net for assistance.