2016 - 2019 Strategic Plan

Metropolitan Education District held its last Strategic Planning Retreat on January 17, 2017. This session was part of the ongoing check-in process to refine and strengthen the mission statement, core values, three-year goals, and S.W.O.T. analysis of the district.

Mission Statement

Metropolitan Education District (MetroED) prepares high school and adult students for future success in college and careers.

Core Values

The Metropolitan Education District values…

  • Respect
  • Student-focus
  • Accountability
  • Cutting-edge programs
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Being community-oriented
  • Teamwork

Three-Year Goals

2016-2019, not in priority order

  • Achieve financial stability and sustainability
  • Improve instruction for student outcomes
  • Increase enrollment to 3,500 high school and adult students
  • Build a collaborative and healthy culture
  • Enhance technology knowledge, usage and delivery

S.W.O.T. Analysis


Brainstormed Perceptions:

  • Scheduled six college tours
  • More transparency
  • Offering new career tech programs
  • Completed a satisfaction survey and we’re working on next steps in areas we need to improve as well as building on our strengths
  • Increased student use of videos
  • Increased student success stories on videos
  • Website
  • We offer a Health and Wellness Program for employees
  • Students do more recruiting than anyone else by word of mouth
  • SVAE brought a Stanford Science of Learning speaker to MetroED for all of our teachers
  • Ongoing effort with Sacramento legislators for Career Technical Education (CTE) and Adult Education legislation
  • Completed a student needs survey
  • SVCTE moving forward on a new student information system (SIS)
  • Improved marketing
  • Stable Board
  • Our JPA school districts are attending SVCTE for meetings and professional development opportunities for teachers and administrators
  • Formed a JPA Coalition with 14 other ROPs
  • SVAE improved visibility and communication between the Adult School and the colleges in our area
  • Bell schedule modification
  • Had a teacher receive a STEAM Teacher of the Year award
  • We will be hosting (on March 9) the SV Regional Dual Enrollment workshop
  • Collaboration with teachers continuing and expanding
  • New website will be released shortly
  • SVAE has done additional outreach to other agencies
  • Continuing our principal collaboration meetings to continue transparency at our sites
  • Went schoolwide for SkillsUSA and are hosting the SkillsUSA Regional s competition on February 11—increased participation from 100 students to approximately 300
  • Started a Health Occupation Student Association (HOSA)
  • Have had leadership development strengths training for the Leadership Team
  • SVAE added student services, including a Transition Specialist and a Learning Disabilities Specialist
  • Submitted four more courses for UC A-G approval
  • Addition of live projects on campus for students
  • SVAE successfully completed multiple trainings on how to use technology in the classroom for our adult education teachers
  • Tool kits have been started and will soon be in Vietnamese and Spanish
  • SVAE has opened classes in the downtown San Jose area
  • A new book for problem solving is being read by the Leadership Team (Turn This Ship Around)
  • More engaged at the high school programs we offer
  • Students are taking what they’ve learned at the Center and taking those skills back to their core high school classes
  • Expanded high school enrollment—at all districts now
  • We hired a new STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineer, Art and Math) specialist to work with teachers
  • SVAE is starting a Principals’ Collaborative that is going to Board for approval this month
  • Completed negotiations with all three bargaining units for year 2015-2016
  • SVAE has a staff lounge room designated just for staff
  • Big improvements in facilities (e.g., painting classrooms)
  • Board perceives more cooperation throughout MetroED
  • We have been exceeding expectations for California Career Pathway Trust—very positive meetings with a consortium
  • We have a four-year sequence with Santa Clara USD to integrate their classes and ours
  • We do have marketing materials in Vietnamese and Spanish
  • SVAE has begun the process of replacing outdated computers
  • We’re improving communication with the districts
  • We’re on target for holding quarterly meetings for curriculum and instruction
  • Our students are getting high-paying jobs upon graduation
  • Students are asking, “Why didn’t you get me to start MetroED sooner?”
  • Better recognition for the rigor in programs to the comprehensive schools
  • We are establishing partnerships with city colleges for dual enrollment (e.g., San Jose City College)
  • Hired Pilar, Director of Educational Services
  • Obtained a CTEIG (Career Technical Education Incentive Grant) for approximately +/- $200,000
  • Professional development survey given to staff with professional development given based on the results
  • Increased middle school tours for up to 1,500 students
  • Discover Your Future night on January 25
  • Manufacturing Expo on January 25
  • SVCTE teachers presenting at CTE conference
  • Revamping and tailoring focus on SVCTE Manufacturing for Engineering class