MetroED is looking for people who want to make a difference…

Interested in teaching high school or adult students (full or part-time) at MetroED?

If you have vocational (career technical), business or ESL skills that you would like to share with high school and adult students throughout San Jose, you may be qualified to teach part or full-time in one of our outstanding educational programs. Instructors can begin teaching while working on their credentials, and can take their credential required courses on our campus.

Did you know?

  • You can earn extra income teaching part-time at MetroED?
  • You can teach adult education or vocational subjects while you are working on your credential?
  • You can teach vocational skills without a college degree?

MetroED District Employment Application

  • For administrative and classified applicants, send completed form to Kim Fields
  • For certificated applicants, send completed form to Farah Ubaidullah