About MetroED

Who We Are

Metropolitan Education District (MetroED) is a regional provider of Career Technical Education (CTE) and Adult Education. We are the largest career-oriented education organization in Santa Clara County for high school & adult students.

Annually, MetroED provides 2,600 diverse students with the skills to help them be productive, income-earning and tax-paying contributors to Silicon Valley.

Service Areas

MetroED provides educational opportunities for adults and high school students within their designated districts. Silicon Valley Career Technical Education provides career technical education for high school (and adult students, on a space-available basis) in the following districts:

  • Campbell Union High School District
  • East Side Union High School District
  • Los Gatos-Saratoga Union High School District
  • Milpitas Unified School District
  • San Jose Unified School District
  • Santa Clara Unified School District

Silicon Valley Adult Education provides courses for San Jose Unified School District.

Joint Powers Authority

MetroED was created as a joint powers authority by six school districts in Santa Clara County. We are governed by the six districts that comprise the joint powers; each of the six districts designates one of their elected board members to sit on the Metropolitan Education Districts Governing Board. To view or download the Joint Powers Agreement, click here. 

To visit the Governing Board page, click here.


MetroED’s programs are fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and all teachers are credentialed by the State of California. 

Strengths and Major Accomplishments of MetroED since the July 2017 Strategic Planning Retreat

  • Increase in charter school enrollment
  • Our guiding leadership is accessible and approachable—we have been able to get so much done because they are right there
  • New marketing materials
  • Completed an Advisors Handbook for counselors
  • New appliances and air flow system in the cafeteria
  • Received the status of UC A-G on three courses (Dental Assisting, Medical Science Health Career, Mechatronics)
  • Have a Counseling Department Pacing Calendar
  • Several great new teachers at SVCTE
  • Updated our website
  • Better connected to social media
  • Created a vision statement for our Technology Department
  • Have a new DC/AC Theory teacher
  • Cohesive support of the School Board
  • Improved communication with our JPA partners
  • Data and research performed for 6 JPA partners on school profile reports
  • The Board is very involved in giving accolades to the success of the students
  • Hosting Skills USA and a Solar Summer Academy
  • New dual enrollment courses
  • Successfully transitioned to a two-hour program in the morning
  • Increase in the number of referrals to learning disability specialists
  • SVAE Information Kits completed
  • Career Solutions Plus instructional tool account access for all teachers
  • Did a SVAE Open Door Campaign with radio, TV and a new website
  • SVCTE visited more than 15 high schools
  • Have a SVCTE report for recruitment of students
  • Allocated some additional funds to programs from CTEIG
  • The Consortium that oversees CCPT dollars planned and requested a no-cost extension for FY 2018-2019
  • We are offering two bridge courses from West Valley—Stenography Basic Building and Water Treatment and Operation
  • Started Online High School Diploma Program for distance learning
  • We are registered G-suite domain
  • Added a new ESL class
  • Implemented a new SIS system
  • There is clarity to the enrollment process
  • Clarified the grading schedule
  • Training of instructors for the new SIS system
  • Identified teachers willing to build capacity as leaders
  • Professional Development Plan developed for the year for SVCTE
  • Teachers have been supported to obtain training outside of school—at SVCTE and SVAE
  • SVAE Transition Specialist doing handoffs of students to community colleges
  • We celebrated our centennial
  • Brand new principal at CTE
  • Campus is receiving new electrical switch gear to ensure electricity long-term
  • Improved the attendance process to be more efficient
  • Finished CTE three-hour course outlines
  • Improved employee recognition through clubs
  • Submitted facilities grants applications for Prop 51
  • Our SVAE enrollment surpassed our goal of 1500—we are now well over 1600
  • The Ambassador Program participants are visiting classrooms and holding field trips
  • Strength-based Institute training bas been initiated and is ongoing
  • We held three Parent Information Nights (CTE)
  • We held Parent Orientation at CTE
  • MOU has been processed to open the way for San Jose State student Counselor Interns
  • Established a Culture Club
  • We met with the Governor regarding CTE funding
  • We received recognition from the Mayor and several legislators for our programs
  • We created two drafts for management evaluations
  • We had two successful staff meetings
  • We had professional development for staff for Google Suites
  • There is more recognition—our Career Center is prosperous
  • Additional work-based learning opportunities for students