High School Equivalency Courses

High School Equivalency Courses

According to the American Council on Education, The GED was created in 1942 to support World War II soldiers, the GED Tests offered thousands of veterans a chance at assimilating back into civilian life and an opportunity to attend a college or university. First accepted as a high school equivalency credential in New York State, credentials are now awarded in all 50 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, U.S. territories and insular areas, Canada and internationally. The GED credential-whether called a diploma, certificate, or degree-is the most widely accepted and respected high school equivalency credential.

At SVAE, we offer GED Preparation Classes and Testing on our campus. The preparation classes prepare students to pass the five tests required to obtain the General Educational Development Certificate. Based on their assessment results, students follow an individualized course of study to review subject content and test taking skills. In addition, they will learn to use the scientific calculator required for math and complete simulated practice tests.

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