Anonymous Hotline

Students can send anonymous messages to their Counselor, Teacher, or Assistant Principal. This is useful for victims and witnesses to report bullying, harassment, fighting, vandalism, theft, addiction, abuse, pregnancy, suicidal thoughts, etc.

Students may include photos, videos, or screenshots, which is especially useful to catch cyber-bullying. Staff members may write back to have an ongoing conversation while keeping the student anonymous. The anonymity encourages more students to step forward while avoiding the perceived stigma of being a victim or a “snitch.” (Requires a Jupiter iO account.)

Instructions for Students

  1. Log in to your student Jupiter account.
  2. Click the Messages tab and choose Hotline.
  3. In the “To” field, select: Counselor, Teacher, or Assistant Principal. Enter your anonymous message in the text box. You can click on the paperclip icon to attach any files such as: videos, photos, or screenshots. Once you are finished, select: “Send Anonymously