• Construction Technology

    Design, estimate, and construct buildings with carpentry tools and equipment using industry standards. Carpenters find work in union and non-union-operated organizations. An apprentice carpenter advances to the Journeyman level over four years and salary increases dependent on time served and skills mastered. Within four years of entering this trade, wages can exceed $39 per hour. Carpenters who achieve a high level of skill are people-oriented, develop a good business sense, and can become self-employed contractors. The class focuses on academic, technical skills, and employability practices. Students will develop personal and professional skills in the classroom that will transfer to the workplace:

    • The use and maintenance of hand and power tools
    • To select, order, and estimate building materials
    • To draw and interpret building plans
    • To work alone and as part of a team
    • To build houses from foundations to roofs
    • Building maintenance and remodeling skills including plumbing and electrical
    • Advantages of Green Tech Construction

    Class Benefits

    • 20-30 high school credits earned per year
    • Develop skills leading to a highly paid, high demand job

    Earned Outside of (Following) the Class

    • OSHA 10 Construction

    Certifications Earned Within the Class

    • Class completion certificate

    Job Opportunities Upon Completion

    • Entry-level Carpenter
    • Drywall installer
    • Materials handler
    • Apprentice Carpenter
    • Hardware Clerk

    About the Instructor

    Evan Clark has experience in all phases of the building trades have done remodels on both residential and commercial properties. He will help students to appreciate the value of this fulfilling and lifelong career. Students gain a piece of in-depth knowledge about carpentry and construction through hands-on experience and time-tested techniques. 

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