• The role of the Technology and Innovation Services Department is to evaluate, recommend, and support the district-wide technologies that enable outstanding student achievement. This support encompasses the MetroED network, telecommunication equipment, business applications, customer desktops and laptops, and all District standard software.

    Technology Services Department

    Director of Technology Innovation Services

    Tung Tran

    (408) 723-6583

    Executive Administrative Assistant (HR/Fiscal/IT)

    Sabrina La Rosa

    (408) 723-6748

    Systems Support Analyst/ District Registrar

    Martha Larson

    (408) 723-6442

    Network Specialist Lead

    Mery Cheung 

    (408) 723-6582

    Computer Network Analyst

    Murphy Trinh

    (408) 723-6556

    Database Systems Analyst

    Adugna Irkiso

    (408) 723-4218

    Computer Network Technician

    Khuong Nguyen

    (408) 723-4217