• Congratulations on your new position with the Metropolitan Education District (MetroED)

    We are the largest career-oriented education organization in Santa Clara County for high school & adult students. Annually, MetroED provides 2,600 diverse students with the skills to help them be productive, income-earning, and tax-paying contributors to Silicon Valley.

    You have joined a team of dedicated individuals - Preparing Students to Thrive in College and Careers!

    All new employees will receive paperwork to complete and sign online via Informed K12. In addition to this paperwork, the following steps 1-3 must be completed.

    Items required prior to start:

    1. Livescan fingerprint clearance (form and instructions included in new hire onboarding packet), see FAQs below.
    2. Complete Mandated Reporter training and Sexual Harassment training (online via Keenan SafeSchools). Additional training will be assigned after hire to be completed within the first six weeks of employment.
    3. Read Important Employee Information on the district website at under Departments>Human Resources. We suggest you save this link for future reference. You will be asked to sign an acknowledgment of receipt and review of this information in your new hire onboarding packet.

    Additional Documents Include:

    1. Proof of employment eligibility (driver’s license, state ID, and social security card are preferred)
    2. Proof of COVID-19 vaccination or request and receive an exemption as a reasonable accommodation
    3. Proof of TB clearance from within the past 60 days by either a TB Risk Assessment Questionnaire with the resulting "Certificate of Completion" completed by a licensed health care provider, TB test, or X-ray exam (from within the past four years). California law requires school staff to be free of infectious tuberculosis (TB) disease.  
      • TB clearance is required initially upon hire and every four years thereafter
    4. Voided check for automatic payroll deposit
    5. Supporting documentation for dependent benefit enrollment 
        -  Marriage certificate (if electing insurance coverage)
        -  Driver's License or State ID for spouse (if electing coverage)
        -  Birth certificate(s) (if covering any child(ren) on insurance)
        -  Social Security Card(s) for all dependents (if electing coverage)

    In-Person New Hire Onboarding Meeting:

    Once the online employment forms, Live Scan background check, and training are complete, you will be contacted to attend an in-person “new hire onboarding” meeting. Bring the following to that appointment:

    1. Copy of the completed Live Scan fingerprint paperwork and receipt to submit for reimbursement
    2. An annual stipend may be available.
      • official transcripts (sealed envelope) for all universities attended for verification

    Please contact Susan Nakahira at 408-723-6435 in the Human Resources Department if you do not receive your new hire paperwork within 48-hours after accepting the offer of employment. For questions regarding health benefits, contact Mary Hankins at 408-723-6434. 

Livescan FAQs

  • I have been fingerprinted several times for different agencies. Can I use the same set of prints?

  • What do I need to bring to my fingerprint appointment?

  • How do I prepare for my Livescan appointment?

  • How long will it take to get fingerprint clearance?

  • Whom do I call if my clearance has been delayed?