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    2024-2025 Enrollment Opens on March 14!


    Credits Earned: 5

    Transportation will be provided to and from homeschool to SVCTE based on availability. Details will be shared after rosters are finalized. Students exceptionally enrolled after December 6th will not receive transportation from SVCTE.

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    Classes Offered: Tuesday and Thursday, 4:15 - 6:15 p.m. 




    Develop skills in figure drawing, illustration, digital painting, traditional animation, 2D computer animation, storyboards, sound design, film production, 3D modeling, basic game/web design and portfolio development. The animation industry has been growing in Silicon Valley for the past several years. There is a need for animators to work on films, video games, web designs, and various advertising campaigns. The best candidates for these job positions are the ones with both technical computer skills as well as fine art skills. It is a competitive industry with salaries ranging from $60,000 to $150,000. The class focuses on academic, technical skills, and employability practices.

    Dental Assisting




    Preparation and internship for students who aspire to be dental assistants, dental hygienists, and dentists. Acquire chair-side assisting skills, laboratory, and x-ray capabilities. Qualified students may earn state certification in radiation safety and infection control. Dental Assisting is in demand and is one fast-growing profession, there are many dental pathways. There is a demand for Dental Assistants, both at entry-level and as skills and experience advance. Assistants progress in the occupation becoming a Registered Dental Assistant (RDA), Registered Dental Assistant Extended Function (RDAEF), Orthodontic Assistant (OA), Dental Sedation Assistant (DSA), Hygienist, Lab Technician, a Dentist and even possibly a Teacher. The class focuses on academic, technical skills, and employability practices.

    Fashion Design & Textile Art



    The course offers a hands-on introduction to the fashion industry and business practices. Students will explore the potential careers they can part in as up-and-coming designers and entrepreneurs. The class explores different art mediums including screen-printing, sewing, and pattern making, draping, and drawing. Students will examine first-hand the business aspects of the fashion industry and develop their own original apparel designs. The goal of the course is to engage students in the fashion industry by exploring business practices, gaining the necessary skills to move forward in applying to colleges, job placement, and starting their own apparel business. Students will experience the world of fashion from the studio to the runway.

    Film & Video Productions



    Take your creative passion to the next level by making movies, working on crews, and learning digital  lmmaking. Students learn to write for television and  lm, storyboarding, directing, and sound design engineering. Get hands on traning to produce videos for business and entertainment, from script writing to  nal edit. The class focuses on academic, technical skills, and employability practices.

    Medical Science/Health Careers



    Exploring the world of Medical Science & Health Careers. This program offers 10 credits. Looking in depth at the various medical career pathways from the surgery department, nursing field, public health, nutrition to mental health. Laboratory work includes but is not limited to surgical sutures, blood typing, vital signs, infection control, and glucose testing. Exciting topics will be covered in the realm of Anatomy & Physiology, diseases, and social and emotional learning. Social & Emotional Learning involves the migration of art and science. Students will learn about mental health issues and the different techniques and modalities to thrive professionally and personally.

    Medical Assisting


    The Medical Assistant course prepares students to work in doctors' offices, clinics, hospitals, and other related health settings. The emphasis is on back office clinical skills. In addition to employability and professionalism, this course will include: medical terminology, Vitals medical/surgical asepsis, and laboratory procedures with diagnostic testing, CPR certification and skills to assist with physical exams, minor surgery, injections and blood draws.

    Veterinary Science



    Information on animal health care for pet owners. The class will provide up-to-date, and trusted information on common diseases and conditions of pets; as well as animal behavior and handling. The class will reflect information from veterinary texts for the pet owner.  


    Offered Course: Monday - Thursday, 4:15 - 6:15 p.m. 




    This course is designed to fill a critical and demanding need for cyber threat intelligence and defense personnel in both public and private sectors. The program focuses on educating and training the new wave of cyber specialists with the ability to track, analyze and counter digital security threats. This form of security intelligence is a blend of physical reconnaissance and defense with modern information technology techniques. Proactive cyber defense is the direction of the future; the gathering of information about trends and behaviors of adversaries in anticipation of opposing attacks against computers and networks. 


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