• (West Vally Community College)

    Careers in Early Childhood Education Classes is a collaboration between West Valley Community College and Silicon Valley Adult Education. Silicon Valley Adult Education offers students a career pathway to quickly enter the workforce. Students will earn permits upon completion of classes.   

    These classes are free if students are enrolled in both West Valley Community College and Silicon Valley Adult Education High School Equivalency Class. If a student is not dual enrolled in a High School Equivalency class, there will be a West Valley Community College fee of $331.00 for both classes. Note: Contact West Valley College, Patty Lopez, 408-741-2156 patricia.lopez@westvalley.edu for registration.  

    CHST 001 Principles & Practices of Teaching Young Children

    This course examines the underlying theoretical principles of developmentally appropriate practices applied to programs and environments. Emphasis is on the key role of relationships, constructive adult-child interactions, and teaching strategies in supporting physical, social, creative, and intellectual development for all young children. This course includes a review of the historical roots of early childhood programs, the role of play for young children, and the evolution of professional practices promoting advocacy, ethics, and professional identity.

    Units: 3

  • CHST 063 Child, Family, and Community

    This course examines the developing child in a societal context, focusing on the interrelationship of family, school, and community and emphasizing historical and socio-cultural facts. The processes of socialization and identity development are highlighted, showing the importance of respectful reciprocal relationships that support and empower families.

    Units: 3