Getting to Campus

  • SVCTE is located at

    760 Hillsdale Ave

    San Jose, CA 95136

    ( Google Maps )

    SVCTE Local Area Map

    Free parking for bicycles and motor vehicles is available for all students and visitors. 

    Students must register their vehicle for a virtual parking pass here if not already on file:

    View a map of the MetroED campus here.  Vehicles may enter the campus at Gate 1 and must exit through Gate 3 (drive/ride all the way around to the south of SVCTE's campus over many speed bumps).  Students may be dropped off or picked up in the drop-off zone to the West of Building 100.  For those dropping off students, it takes around 5 minutes to drive into and exit MetroED's campus. 

    SVCTE's campus is accessible via VTA transit bus route 37, and is less than one miles from bus route 64a and Light Rail Blue Line.  (VTA Trip Planner)

    Transit connections to SVCTE

SVCTE Bus Service

  • SVCTE is proud to provide bus transportation service to every high school campus from which our students register.  SVCTE bus service is provided on all days when SVCTE class is in session, even if the home high school is not in session.

    • Students should arrive at stop 5 minutes before pickup time.  Buses will not wait for late students.
    • Buses typically pick up students in high school bus circle or main street entrance, though some schools may be different. Zoom in on this map to find a specific pin marking the exact spot where the bus picks up at each school.
    • SVCTE buses are yellow school buses operated by our transportation vendor First Student.  Large full-size buses say "First Student" and smaller vans may say "West Valley JPA" or "First Student."  Typically only one bus stops at each high school to pick up students for SVCTE, so there is no concern about getting on the correct bus.  To depart SVCTE's campus, there are many buses arranged in our bus circle and staff are happy to assist students in identifying the correct bus to ride.
    • Dropoff times are approximate and may be earlier or later depending on traffic and time of departure from SVCTE.
    • Students may ride to SVCTE to or from any listed stop.  Students may ride the bus on some days or some directions and not others.  Buses will not wait for missing or late students.
    • Bus schedules may be adjusted through the year.  SVCTE will publish new versions when they become available and advise all affected students & schools.

    Questions?  408-723-6454


    List of bus pickup locations at each school

    Bus Service beginning Monday, 9/11:

    PDF version is identical and machine readable

    Display of bus pickup locations at SVCTE bus loop

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.