• Silicon Valley Adult Education (SVAE) is part of the Metropolitan Education District (MetroED) and offers adult education classes free of charge or at a low cost to adults 18 years or older. SVAE is a comprehensive adult school offering entry-level and advanced courses in health, technology, and careers in the trades. We also offer free English as a Second Language (ESL), Adult Basic Education (ABE), High School Equivalency (HSE) preparation for GED and HiSET tests, and High School Diploma (HSD) subject courses. We also have a variety of Career Technical Education courses and Online Courses with affordable registration fees. SVAE is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

    Silicon Valley Adult Education offers free assessment tests to take ESL, ABE, HSE, and HSD courses and academic and career counseling. The Regional Testing Center, located at the Hillsdale main campus, offers state and national tests such as GED, HiSET, CBEST, CSET, and many others for the convenience of our students and community.

    Services to Businesses

    Businesses may contract with Silicon Valley Adult Education to provide customized computer training and retraining for their employees, English Language Workplace Literacy training, and business operations support services.

    Schoolwide Learner Outcomes (SLOs)

    • Set Goals: Students will formulate and monitor their educational and career objectives.
    • Achieve Skills: Students will be able to access and utilize current technology.
    • Demonstrate Learning: Students will use English to communicate effectively and transition to the next step on their career and academic pathway.

    Strengths and Major Accomplishments of MetroED since the January 2018 Strategic Planning Retreat

    • Positive WASC report
    • Innovative programs
    • Secured funding
    • Developed a vision statement for the Technology Department
    • Summer Solar Academy
    • Collected more comprehensive student data
    • Added over 100 IT and professional certifications to the testing center
    • Overwhelmingly successful “CTE Signing Night” – over 1300 students and their parents attended
    • Meet Your Teacher Night
    • Parent Information Night
    • Four summer interns
    • The movement to Google campus
    • New partnerships with local companies
    • Equipment donated from various businesses
    • Students doing internships with the Santa Clara Valley Water District
    • Did a lot of legislative advocacy
    • SVAE won two CCAE awards
    • Two collaborative classes between SVAE and WVC: court reporting, clean water
    • Increased our CCPT funding at SVEPT
    • The new management evaluation tool
    • Live-streaming of events
    • Won awards:
      • Alex awarded “Woman of Influence”
      • Alyssa was awarded “Superintendent of the Year”
      • Jason was awarded “40 under 40”
      • Received 4 communication awards
      • Jason received a $1,000 scholarship from CCAE
    • MAPin was invited to present at a national webinar
    • 53 students went to the state Skills USA competition
    • We have a Public Information Officer to help with marketing
    • Second-year of ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) Assessment
    • Hired new program leadership
    • Secured two counselor interns
    • Great first year with SIS (Student Information System)
    • Hosted the regional Skills USA competition
    • Updated 31 (3-hour) and 31 (2-hour) course outlines
    • Updated five articulation agreements with Mission College
    • Recorded student success stories at Board meetings
    • Implemented an online registration system
    • Established three dual enrollment classes
    • Five Skills USA students went to the national competition
    • Received $200,000 in federal e-rate funding
    • Increased student internships
    • Greater interest in collaboration with community colleges
    • Three new UCA-G courses were approved
    • Hop Skip Drive Transportation contract
    • Enrollment increased: 1878 in CTE; over 2000 in SVAE
    • New network switch infrastructure
    • Published a service brochure for SVCTE
    • Achieved our enrollment goal of 3500 high school and adult students