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STOPit is an online reporting tool designed to deter and mitigate bullying, cyber abuse, share safety issues and concerns, and other inappropriate behaviors. It consists of an app and a back-end incident management system for school and district administrators.

Students and employees have access to the STOPit mobile app, which has two simple but powerful features:

  • Report can be used by students or employees to report incidents to school or district contacts anonymously.
  • Messenger can be used to engage in anonymous two-way communication with school and district contacts.

Download STOPit:

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SVCTE Access Code: SVCTE

SVAE Access Code: SVAE

District Access Code: MetroED

Alternate Web Browser Access:

Both Report and Messenger empower students and employees to stand up for themselves and for one another. Students and staff have the power to help put an end to potentially unsafe conditions and harmful and inappropriate behavior they see including online through social media and other means. They can use STOPit to reach out for help if they or a peer are facing a personal crisis or experiencing bullying, abuse, or are otherwise in need of assistance or report safety concerns. Our goal with STOPit is to create safer, kinder, school communities both online and off.

No student or employee information is needed to use STOPit. The only way personally identifiable information will be accessible through STOPit is if a student voluntarily includes it within the content of a report or message.

 The district, our schools and STOPit are committed to protecting the privacy of student and employee data. STOPit is a signatory to the Student Privacy Pledge, spearheaded by the Future of Privacy Forum and the Software & Information Industry Association. You may review STOPit’s Privacy Policy for details, including more information on how anonymous reporting works.

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Parents: Frequently Asked Questions

What student information does the school or user need to provide to STOPit?

  • None! STOPit does not require any end-user information whatsoever. l information provided by STOPit app users is also kept private and secure. Please read our Privacy Policy. To learn more about our commitment to keeping data provided by students safe, learn more about the Student Privacy Pledge, to which STOPit is a signatory.

What information does STOPit obtain when using the app?

  • STOPit may automatically collect certain information from a user of the STOPit app, such as IP address; details about the browser, operating system and/or device/hardware; general location, if available; your activities when using our app; and other logging information, including the date and time of your use of the STOPit app. Please read our Privacy Policy.

Is it really anonymous? Can the school find out who my child is through the STOPit app?

  • STOPit is truly anonymous. The school has no ability to identify the submitter of a report or message. At their discretion, an end-user may choose to voluntarily provide identifying information in the content of their report or message. Please see our Privacy Policy – Making Reports with STOPit & How “Anonymous” Reporting Works for details.

Can STOPit be used by children under the age of 13?

  • The STOPit app (and its browser-based version) may be used by children under the age of 13. We urge parents to contact the school's administration to learn more about how the school uses STOPit and the data we provide them.

What information do you collect or share about my child, and what are my rights as a Parent?

  • We only disclose your child’s information to third parties which are required as part of the services that STOPit provides, and as described in our Children’s Privacy Policy. To learn more about our commitment to keeping data provided by students safe, learn more about the Student Privacy Pledge, to which STOPit is a signatory. As a parent, you have the right to review the personal information that we collect from your child who is under the age of 13. You may also request that we delete this information and refuse to allow any further collection or use of your child’s information. If you would like to exercise any of these rights or have any questions regarding your child’s use of STOPit, we urge you to first contact officials at your child’s school, which has provided them with access to STOPit, and we may direct you to them. You may also contact us, using the contact information below. We may ask you to provide additional details, including verification of your parental status, to protect your child’s privacy. Please read our Children's Privacy Policy.

Who receives the reports my child submits via STOPit?

  • Reports and Messenger messages will be received by the contacts designated by the school. Please check with your school for more information.

Can I as a parent use the app to report incidents?

  • We make STOPit available to parents and they may use STOPit to report incidents.