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Too few high schools offer traditional shop classes

March 21, 2017 by MetroED Archive 0 comments


Linda Goytia, a Campbell Union High School District board member, highlights the great programs offered by the Silicon Valley Career Technical Education (Letters, March 18). What Goytia fails to mention is the elimination of a majority of industrial arts classes (shop classes) that high schools once offered their students. Twenty years ago, school boards promoted the idea that every student should go to college. Thus the requirement that all students take a-g (college prep) classes was instituted. Very few high schools offer traditional shop classes.

Students can attend SV Career Tech only when they are juniors [or seniors]. Some students lack the fundamental skills that they could have acquired in ninth and 10th grade shop classes.

Businesses, trades, and manufacturers say they have lots of jobs, but very few workers who apply or are qualified. Apprenticeship programs and in-house training are being offered by companies. Many of these entry level jobs pay very well. The students that SV Career Tech train are a very small percentage — 3 percent. More students need entry level shop classes so they would be better prepared for SV Career Tech.

Carol Myers
Former Board of Trustee
San Jose Unified School District

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