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Two Free Classes Available to Start Your Water Treatment Career

January 27, 2018 by Jason Sholl 1 comments

West Valley College offers two free Spring 2018 courses at Silicon Valley Adult Education for students to pursue a rewarding career in water treatment. Attend the orientation on Water Career Pathways and learn how you can start in the Water Distribution Operator (D1) or Water Treatment Operator (T1) course. An orientation will be held for both classes on February 13, 2018 at 6:30 p.m. at Silicon Valley Adult Education, 760 Hillsdale Ave, Room 16, San Jose, CA. Free online registration is available at The courses are designed to prepare students to take the State of California Water Distribution Operator exam. Students will also have access to training materials.


Water Distribution Operators

Water Distribution Operators perform a variety of skilled work associated with general oversight, construction, maintenance and emergency repair of a water distribution system which includes pipeline, metered water services, reservoirs, tanks, pump stations and pressure regulating facilities.

This 54-hour course teaches the basic principles of operation and maintenance of a water distribution system. The course covers the sources of water: installation, operation and maintenance of pipes, pumps, valves, meters, and other regulated hydraulic units.

Water Treatment Operators

Water Treatment Operators operate, inspect, and maintain complex processes and equipment in water treatment systems. They are responsible for treating drinking water to meet state and federal standards before it is delivered to consumers.

This 54-hour course covers the fundamental principles involved in water treatment plant operation. The course covers the source of water: reservoir management, intake structures, drinking water regulations, fluoridation, instrumentation, and lab procedures. There will be an emphasis of operation and maintenance safety.

The choice is clear! Take advantage of starting your water industry career path right now! Great pay, benefits, retirement, and an excellent career are waiting for you!


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