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Update from Alyssa Lynch - March 16, 2020

March 16, 2020 by Alyssa Lynch 0 comments
As you know all plans are changing hour by hour and daily. I am keeping this email simple on purpose yet attaching our Employee Attendance Policy due to the school closure. The thrust of the policy is that employees are on call for work. Please review. If you are not available to work, let us know you are not available and follow the directions of the of the Employee Attendance Policy.
I will send out a new reopen date as soon as it is available. I do know factually that it will change from the current date that I sent out last Friday. We are waiting for a new date.
The goal of the County Public Health department is to have as many people stay home beginning tonight at midnight. Here is the link to the "Shelter order"  Order of the Health Officer of the County of Santa Clara  
Please continue to follow the direction from your supervisor, check email and stay in touch during this challenging time. We all need support. I will continue to email pertinent information, when I receive it. Tony will post our updates on the website as well. Stay well, stay in, and stay safe. We need each one of you when we reopen.
Alyssa Lynch

This article was written by Alyssa Lynch, Superintendent at Metropolitan Education District, which operates Silicon Valley Career Technical Education and Silicon Valley Adult Education. She has been a critical voice for Career Technical Education for 25 years.