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Xiomara Saucedo Named ACSA Region 8 Every Student Succeeding Award

Xiomara SaucedoSan Jose, Ca—The Association of California School Administrators (ACSA) Region 8 and its board members have announced Xiomara Saucedo as an Every Student Succeeding 2022 Awardee. Metropolitan Education District (MetroED) is honored to have a student from Silicon Valley Adult Education (SVAE) be commemorated for this award.

“I was so shocked to be honored for this award,” Xiomara said. “After all the hard work I did with supporting my family and working part-time jobs, I can give them more.”

Xiomara has overcome more than her share of daily challenges. At the age of seven, she emigrated to the United States with her mother and younger siblings. Xiomara needed to master English and acclimate to her new country as an immigrant. 

While her mother worked most nights, Xiomara cared for the family. In seventh grade, Xiomara's grades began to suffer as she helped her mom by watching her younger siblings after school. In high school, Xiomara and her siblings were placed in foster care and separate homes. When she turned eighteen, Xiomara reunited with her mother and siblings. At that time, Xiomara put her education on hold to work and help contribute to her family.

On her journey of trying to get back to completing her education, and starting a family of her own with her husband, Xiomara enrolled at SVAE. “As Xiomara's teacher, we discussed her aspirations,” said Arezoo Miller, High School Equivalency Teacher. “I helped her set attainable goals. We created an individual learning plan designed to work with her busy schedule that would assure her success.”

After hard work and dedication, Xiomara recently graduated with her High School Equivalency diploma. She plans to enroll at San Jose City College and pursue a career in Medical Assisting. 

SVAE’s Adult Basic Education, High School Diploma, and English Second Language classes lay the groundwork to meet the basic skills required by employers. Those who already possess these skills can step right into SVAE’s career training programs in healthcare, automotive repair, and construction.

Silicon Valley Adult Education is located at 760 Hillsdale Avenue in San Jose. The telephone number is 408-723-6450, or visit us on the web at

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