Metropolitan Education District

Preparing Students to Thrive in College and Careers

Campus Reopening March 22

SVCTE and SVAE Reopening
Preparing Students to Thrive in College and Careers
Campus Reopening March 22
Message from the Superintendent Alyssa Lynch
At long last, we can say "welcome back!" I am thrilled to share the reopening of both SVCTE and SVAE on March 22 in hybrid-learning models. 
We could not have imagined back in March 2020
when we closed that we would not be able to return until the following March! Our programs prepare students for success in college and careers by providing students with rigorous instruction and industry skills that lead to certifications. This is why collectively we do the work we do at MetroED. Students thrive with the combination of hands-on and theory instruction that we provide.
Our teachers have been performing heroic work as they engage, instruct, and inspire students through remote platforms far from ideal. They have my gratitude, respect, and admiration. It is uplifting to know we will soon be learning together again. 
As we continue to navigate the extraordinary human impact of COVID-19, everyone at MetroED wants to assure you we have devoted our resources to promote safety for students and employees. We have worked hard to prepare to welcome students back to campus. 
I appreciate your ongoing commitment to education and learning and ensuring that equity is at the center of that commitment. Students and educators across the country need as much support as we can continue to provide. I am ever grateful to everyone in our MetroED community for your diligence in protecting our community's health. 
Please stay safe and get vaccinated when it's your turn.
Best Wishes, 
Alyssa Lynch
District News and Resources
SVCTE Reopening Meeting for Families
Join our webinar on Tuesday, March 9 at 1:00 p.m. or 6:00 p.m.
Hear reopening for SVCTE blended learning information regarding the following:
  • Transportation
  • Number of students per day
  • Number of students per class
  • Attendance options
  • Certifications
Please register for the time of your choice and receive the webinar link.
MetroED Employees Eligible to Receive COVID-19 Vaccine
Safety protocols to welcome students back include wearing masks, social distancing, hand hygiene, COVID testing for those with symptoms, contact tracing, and proper ventilation. All are necessary to safely provide in-person instruction.
Another important step to recovery includes vaccines. Glimmers of hope can be seen here at MetroED as our employees begin to receive a vaccination against COVID-19.
Hybrid | Distance Learning Schedules for SVCTE & SVAE
Please view the SVCTE and SVAE schedules to learn more about lesson delivery for students attending classes in-person or those who remain in distance learning.
Read MetroED's Reopening Plan 2.0
This plan, protocols, and policies allow MetroED to reopen, in any and all of the models listed: Full Distance Learning, Blended Model, or Full Reopening.
MetroED priorities:
  • Keep our students, staff, and community safe and healthy
  • Provide high-quality education throughout the year
  • Provide an environment for social-emotional connection for students and staff.
COVID-19 Parent Resources
A Parent's Guide to the Reopening of Santa Clara County K-12 Schools
The County’s Mandatory Directive for Schools has been converted to operational guidance to augment the requirements put in place by the State. Schools remain subject to the State’s Public Health Guidance for K-12 Schools and are also encouraged to follow the County’s Guidance for Schools.
For more information on MetroED's safety preparedness, please visit our COVID-19 News & Resources webpage and parent resource webpage.
MetroED and COVID-19
We aim to prevent the spread of infection with enhanced protocols, reconfigured campus spaces, and careful control of campus access. We have been taking steps to respond to your needs. For COVID-19 questions or concerns email or call (408) 723-4245.
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