Student Absence Line (SAL)


(408) 723-4260


Excessive absences will result in dismissal and loss of credits.

Absences: All students are responsible for reporting and verifying their absences. Adult students or parent/guardian of high school students must call the student absence line on the date of the absence. Please provide the following information: name of student, date of absence, reason for absence, name of class, time of class, and name of instructor. A signed note may be submitted in lieu of a phone call to the Student Services office prior to returning to class, stating the reason for the absence and the dates missed.

Any absence not cleared within three (3) days of the student’s return will be unexcused.

High school students that are required to attend home high school testing will not be penalized provided they bring a signed Home High School Test Verification form.

Consequences of Absences:

  1. Phone Call: A phone call will be made to the student’s parent/guardian and to the home school counselor when an absence is not cleared.
  2. First Written Notification: Parents of students having three (3) unexcused absences will receive a written notice. SVCTE staff will notify the student’s home high school.
  3. Second Written Notification: Upon the fifth (5) unexcused absence, written notice will be sent to the parent/guardian and to the home high school counselor. A conference will be scheduled with the parent, the student, the counselor, and the administrator to discuss the future enrollment of the student and place on an Attendance Agreement.
  4. Violation of the Attendance Agreement will result in the SVCTE administration and the student’s counselor/advisor to review the student’s progress and to consider the student’s dismissal from the program with no grade/no credit issued. Adult students will be dropped from SVCTE on their fifth (5) absence with no refund of fees paid if the Attendance Agreement is broken
  5. Chronic Absenteeism: any student with chronic absences (> 10% of attendance) may be put on a contract and/or dismissed.