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Board Policies

Metropolitan Education District (MetroED) Board Policies are available through searching our online policy information service, Gamut:
General Board Policy

Information Sheet
General Board Policy

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Current Policy

Current Policy

Below are some of the recently adopted or revised policies pending posting by Gamut.
At the June 12 Governing Board Meeting, the following Board Policies and/or Administrative Regulations were approved. 
BP 0450 Comprehensive Safety Plan    
AR 0450 Comprehensive Safety Plan    
BP 3516 Emergencies And Disaster Preparedness Plan    
AR 3516 Emergencies And Disaster Preparedness Plan    
BP 4111 Recruitment And Selection    
AR 4112.5 Criminal Record Check    
BP 4118 Dismissal/Suspension/Disciplinary Action    
AR 4118 Dismissal/Suspension/Disciplinary Action    
BP 4140 Bargaining Units    
BP 4157 Employee Safety    
AR 4157 Employee Safety    
AR 4157.1 Work-Related Injuries    
BP 4211 Recruitment And Selection    
AR 4212.5 Criminal Record Check    
AR 4218 Dismissal/Suspension/Disciplinary Action    
BP 4218 Dismissal/Suspension/Disciplinary Action    
BP 4240 Bargaining Units    
BP 4257 Employee Safety    
AR 4257 Employee Safety    
AR 4257.1 Work-Related Injuries    
BP 4311 Recruitment And Selection    
AR 4312.5 Criminal Record Check    
BP 4340 Bargaining Units    
BP 4357 Employee Safety    
AR 4357 Employee Safety    
AR 4357.1 Work-Related Injuries    
BP 5126 Awards For Achievement    
AR 5126 Awards For Achievement    
BP 5141.21 Administering Medication And Monitoring Health Conditions    
BP 5144 Discipline    
AR 5144 Discipline    
BP 6115 Ceremonies And Observances    
AR 6115 Ceremonies And Observances    
BP 6141.2 Recognition Of Religious Beliefs And Customs    
AR 6141.2 Recognition Of Religious Beliefs And Customs    
BB 9320 Meetings And Notices    
BB 9323.2 Actions By The Board