• To establish rules consistent with our duty to provide and maintain a workplace that is free of recognized hazards, the Metropolitan Education District (MetroED) has adopted a new COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement for employees, interns, substitutes, contractors working on our behalf and volunteers to get vaccinated against (COVID-19 in order to safeguard the health and safety of employees and their families, students and their families, and members of the public who spend time in MetroED facilities from infectious conditions that may be mitigated through the vaccine. 

    Proof of Vaccination:

    By October 15, 2021, all MetroED employees must provide proof to Susan Nakahira in Human Resources that they are fully vaccinated or approved for an exemption by Meagan Azevedo, Director of Human Resources/Title IX Coordinator.  You may choose one of the following methods to submit your proof of vaccination:

    Employees may choose from one of the following methods of proof to verify that they received all applicable doses of the COVID-19 vaccine:

    1. The COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card (issued by the United States Department of Health and Human Services for Disease Control & Prevention or World Health Organization Yellow Card), which identifies the name of the employee who received the vaccine, the type of vaccine provided, and the date of all doses administered;
    2. A legible, physical photograph of a COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card, which provides the information listed in option no. 1;
    3. A legible photograph of a COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card stored on a cell phone or other electronic device, which provides the information listed in option no. 1;
    4. Documentation from a healthcare provider reflecting that the employee received a COVID-19 vaccine, including the information listed in option no. 1;
    5. A legible copy of the Digital COVID-19 vaccination record provided by CDPH (, which provides the information listed in option no. 1.

    If you need further assistance with submitting your proof of vaccination, please contact Susan Nakahira at x1435, in Human Resources.



  • An employee may request an exemption from the vaccination requirement as a reasonable accommodation. This is to support any employee who has a qualified disability and/or medical condition, or whom objects based on sincerely held religious beliefs.  An interactive process meeting will be scheduled after you have completed and submitted the required paperwork for review.  If the request is approved you will be required to test for COVID-19 at a minimum of one test per week and up to testing every workday.  You will also be required to provide your test results to the District’s COVID-19 Designee (Lisa Ketchum). Please fill out the required form (RA1, RA1a, RA1, or RB) and contact Meagan Azevedo if you need to request an exemption.


    To the extent, an employee is not eligible for the exemption and the employee chooses to not be vaccinated by October 15, 2021, the employee will be placed on unpaid leave immediately.

    After ten (10) business days in unpaid status, the employee will be notified of their continued violation of this requirement and the initiation of appropriate disciplinary processes in accordance with board policies and collective bargaining agreements.