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Important Employee Information

MetroED Employee Information Hub

Welcome to the
MetroED Employee Information Hub

Welcome to the Employee Resources page! Below, you will find various helpful links and information to assist you with benefits, payroll, and personnel needs. If you can't find what you need, please get in touch with your supervisor or email

Benefits and Payroll

  1. Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and EAP Employee Orientation Video
  2. Employee Self Serve (ESS) Pay Stub Information, Instructions, and link to ESS Portal (ESS Video)
  3. Federal wage withholding (Form W-4) to designate deductions for federal tax purposes
  4. Retirement information for CalSTRS and CalPERS
  5. Workers' Compensation in California: A Guide for Injured Workers
  6. CalPERS Health Benefits Summary (2024)
  7. Visit to compare and choose healthcare plans
  8. Cigna Dental PPO Guide for MetroED's Cigna Dental Plan
  9. MetroED Life, Dental, and Vision Insurance rates for the 24-25 school year
  10. TDS (Tax Deferred Solutions) - voluntary deductions paid by the employee. This includes FSA, Child Care, Transportation, and Short & Long Term Disability Insurance, and more.
  11. VSP Plan - vision care plan is a voluntary deduction paid by the employee.

Board Policies

  1. Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace and School Policies:
  2. MetroED Governing Board Policies: