• Precision and excellent hand/eye coordination are important for the welding technician program. You will learn various types of welds and cutting operations, as well as fabrication, quality control, weld testing, and blueprint reading. Through this program, you will have the opportunity to become a certified welder. 

      Certifications Earned:

      Certificate of Completion

      Certifications available based on individual skills achievement:

      Shielded Metal Arc Welding D1.1 3G &4G
      Flux Core Arc Welding D1.1 3G & 4G
      Gas Metal Arc Welding D1.1 3G & 4G
      Gas Tungsten Arc Welding AWS D9.1 steel
      Gas Tungsten Arc Welding AWS D1.2 aluminum

      Why do you teach Career and Technical Education? 

      I teach CTE to highlight different career opportunities that a traditional high school no longer offers. Welding and manufacturing are huge industries in the Bay Area as well as nationally with a viable future. My goal with CTE education is to show students that they can make a living wage doing what they love. If a person enjoys hands-on work, a sense of accomplishment and being in a team setting, I always recommend going into any trade. With so many students in today’s educational system thinking their only option is to go directly to a university and sometimes with an undeclared major. My goal is to expose students to a new life pathway for a career right out of high school or a new college major they can pursue that will be fulfilling as well as highly paid to support a family for years to come.


















    Monday & Wednesday



    5:30-8:30 p.m.









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