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    Embark on a transformative learning journey that will empower you with valuable skills and open doors to exciting career opportunities. Our comprehensive Career Technical Education courses provide you with the chance to earn certifications, enhance your trade skills, and advance your current career. Additionally, you have the flexibility to dual enroll in High School Diploma classes or English as a Second Language, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience. Join our evening classes and unlock your full potential! To allow more students to enroll, we ask that you choose only one class for sign-up. Registering for more than one course will lead to the removal of additional courses.

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    Auto Body Repair:

    This course introduces students to auto body repair, covering industry standards on vehicle construction, metal straightening techniques, body fillers, and MIG welding. Students will also learn about the removal and replacement of bolted and welded auto parts and shop safety practices. FULL. 

    CNC Machining:

    This course is offered by Goodwill CTE and Silicon Valley Adult Education. Discover the essentials of a manufacturing shop environment, gain industry-specific vocabulary, master basic metal shop equipment usage, develop blueprint reading skills, learn precision measurements, explore quality assurance techniques, and acquire essential skills in CNC, Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM), and much more! Click here for registration and more information.

    Culinary Arts (NEW):

    The Culinary Arts course provides training in various activities found in today's commercial food services and hospitality industry. Students will learn about kitchen safety and sanitation, equipment usage, facility management, knife skills, and food preparation. Upon completion, students will earn a SERVSAFE certification. Click here for registration and more information.

    Early Childhood Education:

    The Early Childhood Education classes offered by West Valley Community College and Silicon Valley Adult Education provide students with a career pathway to enter the workforce, earning permits upon completion. The courses cover topics such as developmentally appropriate practices, constructive adult-child interactions, teaching strategies, and the interrelationship between child, family, and community, promoting advocacy and professional identity. Click here for registration and more information.

    Fundamentals of Dental Assisting:

    This course provides a comprehensive understanding of the dental assisting profession, covering topics such as the roles and functions of the dental team, ethics and jurisprudence, oral and facial anatomy, infection control, and relevant laws and regulations. Upon completion, students will earn certifications in radiation safety, infection control, and CPR. Click here for registration and more information.

    General Electrician:

    The General Electrician program prepares students to install electrical systems in structures, including wiring, circuit breaker panels, switches, and light fixtures. Students will learn to follow blueprints, the National Electrical Code, and state and local codes. FULL.   

    Google Workspace:

    In this class, students will receive an overview of Google Workspace's popular cloud-based apps. They will learn to store and manage files in Drive, create and format documents in Docs, work with spreadsheets in Sheets, create presentations in Slides, and create surveys in Forms. Students will also learn tips on managing email, sending Google Drive attachments with Gmail, and managing events with Calendar. Click here for registration and more information.

    Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning:

    In this course, students will learn the maintenance, repair, and adjustment of residential and commercial heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration units. They will gain knowledge in cooling principles, electrical fundamentals, and controls, as well as the diagnosis of unit malfunction. The course also emphasizes "Green Building Technology" and prepares students for job opportunities as HVAC installers, technicians, and maintenance technicians. Certifications earned include HVAC, OSHA 10, EPA 608, and Green Certification. FULL. 

    Introduction to Python (NEW):

    This hands-on course is designed for newcomers to programming. Students will learn the fundamental concepts and structures of Python, including reading and writing to standard IO, using operators, controlling the flow of execution, using functions, and basic object-oriented programming concepts. Click here for registration and more information.

    Medical Assistant:

    Enroll in our one-year Medical Assistant program, comprising eight comprehensive modules and a month-long externship. Each module offers daily sessions spanning five to six weeks. Upon completion of the program, students will showcase their proficiency in both front and back medical office procedures. You can join the program at the commencement of any module, based on space availability. Don't miss this opportunity to launch your career in healthcare! Click here for registration and more information.

    Medical Assistant Back Office:

    In this course, students will learn to assist physicians in the back office of a doctor's office or clinic. They will gain knowledge and skills in basic patient care procedures, including lab work. A clinical assignment of 120-160 hours at a different site is required. Prerequisites for this course include a high school reading level, passing Medical Terminology with a grade of "C" or better, and completion of a physical exam and required shots by the fifth week of class. Click here for registration and more information.

    Medical Terminology:

    This course focuses on learning and recognizing word roots, prefixes, and suffixes used in medical language. Students will gain the ability to combine words to create meaningful medical conditions, understand their definitions, and spell them correctly. The course also covers medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, communication, medical ethics, and legality. Completion of this class meets the prerequisites for the Medical Assistant Back Office class. Click here for registration and more information.

    Metals Technology (Welding):

    This program focuses on developing precision and excellent hand-eye coordination for welding technicians. Students will learn various types of welds and cutting operations, as well as fabrication, quality control, weld testing, and blueprint reading. Certifications earned include the Certificate of Completion, as well as specific certifications based on individual skills achievement. FULL. 

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