Medical Terminology Fundamentals (Online Class)


        This class offers students an invaluable opportunity to immerse themselves in the language of healthcare, a fundamental skill set for any aspiring medical professional. It's not just about memorizing terms; it's about unlocking the door to a world where every word and phrase holds the key to understanding patient care and medical procedures. The curriculum is thoughtfully designed to cover the essential building blocks of medical terminology. Students will start with the basics, exploring the anatomy of medical terms, including word roots, suffixes, prefixes, and combining forms. This foundation is crucial for demystifying the complex language used in healthcare settings, ensuring that students recognize these terms and understand their construction and meaning.

        Students will learn their ability to spell, define, and pronounce standard medical terms, an essential skill for ensuring clarity and accuracy in the medical field. This mastery of medical language is not just about sounding knowledgeable; it's about fostering effective communication between healthcare professionals and patients, enhancing the quality of care. 

        This course offers a comprehensive overview of the body's systems, shedding light on their structures and functions. This holistic understanding is pivotal, allowing students to appreciate the human body's interconnectedness and the importance of each system in maintaining health.

        Recognizing the significance of public health, the class also emphasizes the critical measures necessary to prevent the spread of disease. In today's world, where health awareness has never been more important, this knowledge equips students with the tools to contribute to healthier communities. 

        Additionally, the course cultivates an appreciation for teamwork and respect within the medical office. It underscores the importance of collaboration and respect for each person's role, fostering an environment where mutual respect and understanding drive the delivery of exceptional patient care.







    9:00 a.m. - noon

    June 10 - June 27


    Registration Opens April 15

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